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Divorce Solicitors in Carmarthen

At Hains & Lewis, we recognise that going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional time, especially where you and your spouse have been together for a considerable amount of time and share children together. The process of divorce and Financial Remedy of Divorce can often be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. Our Family solicitors in Carmarthen are here to make things easier.

Our team understands the sheer difficulty of such situations and will assist you with compassion and sensitive support.

The team has extensive expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR), such as private negotiation and family mediation, and will always attempt to resolve matters without contentious court proceedings. ADR is not always possible, but where this occurs, we have a strong track record for successfully representing clients in court proceedings.

We are proud to be recognised for our expert divorce services. Our team of solicitors at Hains & Lewis hold the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced Accreditation.

Our divorce lawyers in Carmarthen can provide specialist expertise in matters including:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Divorce financial matters
  • Arrangements for children
  • Divorce mediation

To discuss how our Carmarthen divorce solicitors can help you, please contact our Carmarthen office, or you can make an online enquiry, and we will get back to you quickly.

We also have local offices in Haverfordwest and Narberth offices for your convenience.

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How our divorce solicitors in Carmarthen can help you

No fault divorce proceedings

Ending your divorce has never been easier with the changes made to UK divorce law under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. However, despite these amendments, seeking support from a no fault divorce solicitor is crucial to ensure stress is kept to a minimum and everything runs smoothly throughout the process.

Our solicitors have a broad scope of knowledge and can guide you through each step of ending your marriage, providing you with our professional legal advice and support throughout. We have worked with a range of clients and have the expertise to provide a leading hand you can trust.

Our no fault divorce lawyers can provide advice on divorce proceeding matters, including drafting and filing a divorce application, responding to a divorce application, drafting Consent Orders to formalise voluntarily agreed financial settlements and more.

To find out more about how you can fund your divorce with Hains & Lewis, click here.

Divorce financial settlements

During a divorce, financial settlement matters are often where the conflict arises, with each party wanting to protect their assets and ensure they are financially supported once the divorce is finalised. That’s why it is essential to receive legal advice and support from a professional.

When it comes to divorce, there are a number of aspects that you will need to take into consideration, such as property, pensions, investments, savings, trusts, digital assets, international assets, and business assets.

Our expert divorce financial settlement solicitors in Carmarthen can provide advice and guidance on matters including negotiating a divorce financial settlement, mediation for divorce finances and financial order applications.

Negotiating a divorce financial settlement

Coming to an amicable agreement on how assets will be divided is understandably difficult, with each party having their own views on the matters.

Our solicitors have many years of experience helping divorcing couples to negotiate a divorce financial settlement. Our aim is to get a settlement both sides are satisfied with and that doesn’t negatively impact either party’s interests. With us by your side, you can be confident in receiving clear, plain advice that you can trust, and we will always aim for the best possible outcome for your interests.

Mediation for divorce finances

Where you are unable to negotiate a divorce financial settlement, there are other ADR methods available, such as mediation. During your mediation meet, you will meet with a neutral trained mediator who will guide you both to find a resolution that you are happy with.

Financial order applications

If you are not able to negotiate with your spouse, it may be more appropriate to apply to court for a financial order. The court will take into account your circumstances and provide a decision that’s fair to you both without negatively impacting any children. Even where you come to an amicable agreement about how finances are going to be divided, it’s crucial to have a financial order in place to prevent future claims.

Our solicitors can assist with applying to the court for financial orders, including consent orders, clean break orders, pension sharing orders, property adjustment orders, maintenance orders and lump sum orders.

For more information about divorce financial settlement matters, see our divorce financial settlement solicitors page.

Arrangements for children

Your children are often your biggest concern during a divorce, and we understand how important it can be to ensure your relationship with them is maintained, along with making sure the appropriate actions are taken to decide where your children will live and the amount of contact each parent will have.

Our solicitors have assisted clients in all manners of scenarios when making arrangements for their children during a divorce. We can help you in negotiating a voluntary agreement with your spouse or applying to court to find a resolution that suits both of you and your children.

Our divorce solicitors can provide expertise on matters including where children will live following divorce and separation, how much and what type of contact children will have with each parent, child maintenance payments, changing children’s surnames, relocation with children and more.

Our divorce fees

Fixed fee divorce

For those matters considered less complicated, we are able to offer our divorce services on a fixed fee basis, such as preparing and filing a divorce application with the court. A fixed fee divorce provides complete certainty over the expected costs.

Pay as you go divorce

No two divorces are the same, and we recognise that some divorces are more complicated than others, and where this applies, we may need to charge our fees at a fixed hourly rate. Whether we do this will be entirely dependent on your circumstances, the level of expertise you need and if you require ongoing support throughout the process.

When you choose to work with us, we will agree on the expected price in advance so you are completely aware and can stay in complete control.

Local divorce resources for Carmarthen

Carmarthen Citizens Advice

Carmarthen citizens’ advice can provide free and confidential advice and support for those affected by divorce, including information relating to your rights and responsibilities.

Please see their website for further information regarding their services.

Speak to our family lawyers in Carmarthen

To arrange an initial consultation with our approachable and sensitive divorce solicitors in Carmarthen, please contact our Carmarthen office, or you can make an online enquiry, and we will get back to you quickly.

We also have local offices in Haverfordwest and Narberth if either of these is more convenient for you.